Home Lifestyle Who is Ruby Franke? Everything we know about the family vlogger’s rise before child abuse accusations

Who is Ruby Franke? Everything we know about the family vlogger’s rise before child abuse accusations

Who is Ruby Franke?  Everything we know about the family vlogger’s rise before child abuse accusations

Ruby Franke, who once ran her own YouTube channel about the lives of her six children, has been placed under arrest for child abuse.

Franke first made headlines in 2015 for her controversial parenting advice she shared on the ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube channel, which featured her husband Kevin Franke and their children: Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell and Eve. The now-deleted channel was once popular, having amassed more than two million subscribers before speculation and concerns began to mount in 2020 over the family’s day-to-day activities.

Two years later, the Utah-based mother announced she was joining a new YouTube channel called ConneXions – which has since been taken down – alongside Jodi Nan Hildebrandt. The couple have also caused controversy with their videos, including one in which they state what it means to love children unconditionally.

The mother-of-six was arrested on Wednesday after authorities said they discovered a malnourished minor with visible injuries and duct tape on his limbs. In a press release, the Santa Clara-Ivins Public Safety Department explained that, based on the evidence gathered, officers went to a nearby residence where they discovered another minor in a comparable condition.

Since his arrest, Franke’s family, including his daughter, have made several statements about the situation, including saying they are “very happy that justice is served”.

Here’s everything we know about Franke’s rise to YouTube — as a former family vlogger — and his arrest.

Who is Ruby Franke?

In January 2015, Franke first launched the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel, which highlighted his family’s life in Springville, Utah. A year after sharing the channel, she told local news channels KSL that her page was a way for her to just “let [her] the heart rate is going down and I’m just enjoying being with the kids the way they are right now.” She also said that as her children grew up, she gained an even broader view of why her family was so important.

“I just want women who are still breastfeeding their babies, women who are still trying to start families, women who don’t sleep through the night, to see what it’s like at the finish line, to see that there’s has a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s beautiful and it’s powerful and it’s worth it, it’s worth all the effort families put into their families,” she said at the time.

After making headlines for her videos about her controversial parenting choices, which racked up millions of views, she then joined ConneXions, in which she and Hildebrandt gave daily advice. The now-deleted YouTube channel, which Franke joined in June 2022, had more than 4,800 subscribers, and the videos were also racking up thousands of views.

How did her parenting choices spark online controversy?

After his rise to fame with ‘8 Passengers’, Franke drew criticism after he said in a video that one of his sons, Chad, had been sleeping in a beanbag for seven months after pranking his brother. In June 2020, concerned viewers contacted local child protective services, with a Change.Org petition created to encourage a CPS investigation into “8 passengers”.

Amid the backlash, Franke said Insider at the time, the mode of sleeping was Chad’s “choice” after he stopped sharing a room with his younger brother due to behavioral issues. A letter from DCFS, seen by Insider, said the allegations were unsubstantiated and the case – which claimed Franke was the perpetrator – was closed.

In August 2022, she was also criticized for refusing to bring her six-year-old a lunch, after her daughter said she had packed some food but had in fact forgotten about it. Franke alleged that she doesn’t want anyone giving her daughter lunch because she wants the child to realize how “painful” it is to be hungry all day, so she will “make sure to always prepare a lunch”.

“As a teacher, I would file a report if a parent had this reaction if I asked them to meet their basic needs,” one person responded to Franke’s comments, shared on TikTok..

“I hope it will be painful all day.” No ma’am,” another commented, while a third wrote: “Kids can’t learn if they’re too hungry or tired!! Most schools offer a sandwich or something, even if you forget one or something.

Franke and Hildebrandt’s joint chain also sparked outrage. In December 2022, they shared a now-deleted video on “the concept of love” and gave examples in which they claimed that children would not love their families unconditionally.

The Utah-based mum claimed that if her child doesn’t ‘love’ or ‘trust’ her, after giving her ‘the gift of truth’, then he ‘refuses to love unconditionally’ . She said, “If my child only loves me if I give him what he wants, then that’s not really love, is it? »

What are the charges against Franke during his arrest?

On August 31, Santa Clara-Ivins Public Safety said in a statement that it had received a report of a “minor requesting assistance.” The caller told authorities that the child appeared “emaciated” and “malnourished” with open sores and “duct tape around the extremities.”

After another child was found in “a physical condition similar to malnourishment,” Santa Clara-Ivins Public Safety said the Department of Children and Family Services was contacted and that four minor children had been cared for by the agency.

Along with Franke, Hildebrandt was also arrested. “Due to the sensitive nature of this matter, no additional information will be released at this time,” officials said in the statement.

What did his family say about his arrest?

Following her mother’s arrest, 20-year-old Shari Franke made several statements on Instagram about the situation. She began by posting a photo of a police car and an officer, writing, “Finally.”

“My family and I are very happy that justice has been served,” she wrote in another post. “We have been trying to talk to the police and the CPS about this for years, and we are very happy that they have finally decided to intervene. The children are safe, but there is a long way to go.

Shari also created a document asking her followers to share “questionable” or “concerning” information about ConneXions or 8 Passengers.

Franke’s sisters, Ellie Mecham, Julie Deru and Bonnie Hoellein, released a statement saying that for the past three years they have remained “quiet” about their siblings “for the sake of their children”.

They went on to say that they had done everything they could to keep the children safe.

The message read: “For the past three years we have been silent about our sister Ruby Franke for the sake of her children. Behind the public scene, we did everything we could to keep children safe. We wouldn’t be able to move forward with regular content without addressing the most recent events. Once we do, we won’t comment on it anymore.


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