Home Business Prince Harry ‘misses’ Prince William after calling his brother a ‘villain’ in memoir

Prince Harry ‘misses’ Prince William after calling his brother a ‘villain’ in memoir

Prince Harry ‘misses’ Prince William after calling his brother a ‘villain’ in memoir

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry reportedly ‘misses’ his brother Prince William after giving him the title of ‘villain’ in his latest memoir Spare in 2023.

Harry wrote in his memoirs that the brothers always fought constantly, sometimes even getting physical.

However, there are rumors that Harry wants to mend some of his relationships with his family, especially with King Charles, his father. Whether the feuding brothers will reconcile has been questioned by several.

The couple are likely to reunite in the future, but not next year, according to royal expert Lynn Carratt.

“Recently there have been rumors that relations between Harry and his father King Charles are thawing, while relations between William and Harry are still said to be icy,” the expert said A mirror.

“Meghan and Harry will know in their hearts that many bridges will be needed [be] built to reconcile with the royals,” Karat added.

She continued: “I firmly believe that there are parts of Harry that his immediate family misses. He and William went through a lot together growing up and I really think they’ll end up getting back together in the future.”

However, another royal expert thinks otherwise.

By characterizing Prince William as a “villain” in his memoirs Sparewhich was published earlier this year, Prince Harry may have killed any chance of them getting back together.

After revealing shocking information about every member of the royal family – including William, King Charles, Kate Middleton and more – the Duke of Sussex caused a stir around the world.

Royal analyst Rebecca English said that given their previously close relationship, the former royal’s attack on his older brother was particularly unexpected during her appearance in Daily Mail monthly talk show Palace confidential.

“We thought maybe the king and queen were the villains of the piece, but it actually turned out to be his older brother,” she said.

Harry said William “grabbed me by the collar, tore off my necklace and knocked me to the floor”, adding to his father’s accusations that he had unquestioningly chosen the royal heir over him.

Rebecca added: “They did everything together, so to see it explode once and for all so badly, it was actually really sad to see.”


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