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News of the war between Russia and Ukraine: Blinken visits Kiev; Britain declares the Wagner Group a terrorist organization

News of the war between Russia and Ukraine: Blinken visits Kiev;  Britain declares the Wagner Group a terrorist organization

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken travels by train to Kiev on September 6th. (Brendan Smalovsky/AFP/Getty Images)

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Kiev, where he visited the US Embassy on Wednesday and is scheduled to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This is Blinken’s fourth trip to Ukraine during the war. The offensive is intended as a show of US support as Ukrainian forces struggle to make strides in their counter-offensive against Russian forces in the south.

The British Home Office said that Britain plans to declare the Russian Wagner Group a terrorist organization due to the nature and scale of the mercenary group’s operations, as well as the “threat it poses to British citizens abroad.” The Home Office said that after parliament approved the draft order, supporting or joining the Wagner Group would be illegal in the UK and punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Here’s the latest news about the war and its rippling effects around the world.

Blinken is expected to announce more than $1 billion in new US funding for Ukraine. He is also due to meet with civil society groups to discuss anti-corruption efforts as Kiev, which has faced a string of corruption scandals, vows a crackdown. “We want to make sure that Ukraine has what it needs, not only to succeed counterattack, but it has what it needs in the long term, to make sure it has a strong deterrent,” Blinken said in Kiev.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen also arrived in the Ukrainian capital He addressed parliament in Kiev on Wednesday. Her visit comes after Denmark and the Netherlands pledged to deliver F-16 fighter jets that Ukraine has long requested from its Western allies.

The Verkhovna Rada voted to formally dismiss Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikovwho took over in November 2021. He resigned this week after President Volodymyr Zelensky announced plans to replace him, with the ministry embroiled in allegations of corruption related to issues including bribery of recruitment officers.

Ukraine saw more cluster munition casualties than any other country last yearAccording to the Cluster Munitions Coalition Monitoring Board. Nearly 300 people were killed and 600 injured by cluster bombs in Ukraine in 2022, according to the report, which said most of the victims were civilians, many of them children. This year, the United States faced criticism for starting to supply Ukraine with banned weapons on a large scale, which Russia used extensively during the war.

Kyiv was hit by missiles during the night But air defenses intercepted the attacks, according to Serhiy Popko, head of the military administration in Kiev. A Washington Post reporter in Kyiv heard explosions in the sky as the capital was on air alert for about two hours.

Conditions are “difficult” along the eastern front lineSaid the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces Oleksandr Sersky. On Wednesday, he said that Russian forces “complete the training of offensive units, and bombard our positions daily with artillery and mortars” near Kobyansk in the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine.

Zelensky completed a two-day tour of the Donbass and Zaporizhia regions. He said on Tuesday in his nightly address. The Ukrainian president said that he visited with the commanders of battalions and 13 combat brigades in the regions of eastern and southeastern Ukraine, which were the focus of the fighting.

The Kremlin has “nothing to say” about the reports North Korean leader Kim Jong Un plans to visit RussiaWhite House spokesman Dmitry Peskov said after US officials told the Washington Post that Kim plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for possible arms negotiations as Moscow seeks to bolster its arsenal for the Ukraine war.

Cuba is working to “neutralize and dismantle” a smuggling network It said it targeted Cubans in Russia and their homeland to fight on behalf of the Kremlin in Ukraine, according to the Cuban Foreign Ministry. The ministry said it had initiated criminal proceedings against those involved. The allegations followed a report by Telemundo newspaper about two young Cubans who said they were sent to a Russian military unit in Ukraine after accepting construction jobs in Russia.

Kharkiv’s subways are now classrooms as classes begin to bear the weight of Russian attacks: Students in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, returned to school this week, but under the threat of airstrikes, the subway system has turned into a maze of makeshift classrooms, according to Alex Horton, Serhiy Korolchuk and Heidi Levin.

Several classes are now available online in Kharkiv. “So officials here launched a volunteer initiative for parents and students who want to learn in the physical classroom to supplement computer-based learning with a solid bomb shelter,” they wrote.

Serhiy Morgunov, David L. Stern, and John Hudson contributed to this report.

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