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News of the Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine is making progress in reclaiming territory, according to the US

News of the Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine is making progress in reclaiming territory, according to the US

A Ukrainian soldier operates a drone on a front line near the village of Ropotyn in the Zaporizhia region on August 25. (Vyacheslav Ratynsky/Reuters)

White House spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Ukrainian forces had made “significant progress” in retaking territory in the southern Zaporizhia region over the past three days. The comments come after weeks of stalemate that worried Kiev supporters.

The Russian Space Agency announced that the new Sarmat missile, which is capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads, is on a “combat mission”. The announcement, reported by Russia’s state news agency Interfax, came months after the weapon was expected to be ready and soon after Ukraine announced that it had used new home-made long-range missiles to hit a target about 435 miles away. The Washington Post has not been able to independently verify these allegations.

Here’s the latest news about the war and its rippling effects around the world.

Kirby told reporters on Friday that Kiev’s forces “have had some success along the second line of Russian defences.” But Russia’s reaction to the Ukrainian tendencies “is not beyond the realm of possibility.” He declined to comment on Ukraine’s claims regarding its new long-range missiles, and reiterated the administration’s policy of not encouraging or enabling Ukrainian strikes inside Russia.

The Pentagon said in April last year that the Sarmat missile did not pose a major threat to the United States After the Kremlin successfully test-fired it. NATO named the weapon “Satan 2”. When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced it in 2018, he claimed it could penetrate “any missile defense system”.

On Friday, Moscow designated Nobel Prize winner Dmitry Muratov as a “foreign agent”. It is a designation used to harass human rights organizations and journalists in Russia. Muratov is Editor-in-Chief of the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and has been a regular critic of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. He shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Filipino journalist Maria Resa in 2021.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said more than 3.7 million Ukrainian children started the new school year on Friday. Most of them study in the country. In his evening address, he said that every lesson learned was proof that Ukraine will surely hold on and that life goes on.

And the Russian Defense Ministry announced, early Saturday, that it had repulsed Three attempts to attack the Crimean Bridge using drones. She blamed Ukraine, which did not take responsibility. British Ministry of Defence He said On Friday, Russia built an underwater barrier of submerged ships and floating barriers to deter attacks on the Crimean bridge, which Ukraine hit in July.

Russia risks “splitting its forces” in seeking to counter the Ukrainian counter-attack, according to the UK Ministry of Defense. The ministry wrote on Twitter early Saturday that Russian forces were trying to halt the southern counteroffensive while also continuing their offensive around Kobyansk, in the country’s northeast, in a possible attempt to “distract Ukraine”.

Russia said on Friday that any weapons facilities in Ukraine could become a target. A day after Zelensky’s office announced that BAE Systems — Britain’s largest defense contractor, which has been supplying weapons such as artillery systems to Ukraine — would open an office in Kiev.

Russia’s short-term military needs may hinder long-term rebuilding efforts. The Institute for the Study of War said in an assessment on Friday. The ISW said the recent troop redeployment “indicates growing Russian concern about the stability of Russian defenses in light of Ukrainian advances around Ropotyn” in the Zaporizhia region.

German prosecutors launched an investigation on Friday into an attack on a 10-year-old Ukrainian child by a man who insisted the boy spoke Russian. Investigators said an unidentified Russian-speaking man approached a group of Ukrainian children in the town of Ennebek on August 26, complaining that they spoke Ukrainian and asking them to speak Russian. He then pushed a 10-year-old boy over the canal bridge barrier, the Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement, adding that the man is under investigation for attempted murder. The statement added that the boy was wounded in the head and foot.

Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, has played a major role in allowing Russian propaganda about Ukraine to reach more people. Compared to what it was before the war began, according to a study conducted by the European Commission. The study found that the reach of Kremlin-aligned social media accounts grew over the course of 2022, with further growth this year “driven particularly by the dismantling of Twitter’s safety standards.”

The US State Department announced that leaders of Ukraine’s anti-corruption bodies met with US government officials during a five-day visit to Washington, D.C., this week. The department said in a media note on Friday that the Departments of State, Justice, Treasury and USAID hosted the visit of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Office of Ukraine and the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. The White House said in a separate statement that the leaders also met with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Fighting corruption is a major condition set by the European Union for Ukraine to join the bloc.

Belarus summoned Poland’s ambassador after it claimed a Polish helicopter had violated its airspace.Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweet Friday. “Such a border crossing could not have happened and has not happened. Our radar systems are unmistakable,” said the spokesman for the Polish Military Operations Command, Lieutenant Colonel Jacek Juryszewski, on Friday, according to Reuters. Relations between the two countries have deteriorated in recent months, after entering The mercenaries of the Russian Wagner Group came to Belarus after their failed rebellion in Russia, and they started training the Belarusian forces.

Back in the classroom, the Russian students are being taught a lesson by Professor Putin: On the first day of the school year, Putin spoke via videoconference with children in a new school in the occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol in four Russian regions. He reflected nostalgically on the Soviet era and discussed efforts to impose Russian education on “new lands and new regions”—a reference to occupied Ukraine.

Putin’s claims that Ukraine is part of Russia’s “historic lands” are now part of the official curriculum, Robin Dixon and Natalia Abakumova report, and there are new textbooks and new lessons to serve the Kremlin narrative.

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