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Kylie Kelce reveals Christmas presents from Jason – including one that scares her kids

Kylie Kelce reveals Christmas presents from Jason – including one that scares her kids

Kylie Kelce says her NFL star husband: Jason KelceShe’s done a good job getting her Christmas presents – but one of them is terrorizing her children.

Kylie Kelce made an appearance on the latest episode of Jason and Brother. Travis Kelce‘s New Heights podcast.

In the show, she reveals that the Philadelphia Eagles player got her a necklace from her favorite store and a Transformer: Optimus Prime.

“I’m really happy about it,” she says, confirming that the machine works via voice command, before adding: “Here’s the problem…”

“…The kids are terrified of it,” Jason Kelce finishes her sentence.

Jason and Kylie Kelce have three daughters together: Wyatt (4), Elliotte (2) and Bennett (10 months).

The trio are obviously not fans of Optimus Prime.

“We had it on for about 30 seconds and there was just absolute screams of terror and we had to turn it off immediately,” Kylie Kelce explains.

She even says the robot in his box scares the children.

“Every time they come down the stairs they say, ‘It’s in the box,'” she laughs. “‘You’re not going to turn on the robot?’ No, I won’t turn on the robot. Every time.”

Kylie Kelce’s other gift, a necklace from her favorite jewelry store, apparently has some sort of family tradition. The Kelce brothers often received earrings and a candle from their mother, Donna Kelce, which the family shared.

Travis Kelce adds that there were also always Mama Kelce chocolate turtles – a candy made from pecans and caramel that is then dipped in chocolate.

Kylie Kelce says it was doubtful a few times whether Santa would show up for her three young children or not, but in the end he showed up.

“It was questionable whether there would be presents in the morning or not, but they were there. “Santa Claus came by,” she jokes. “There wasn’t a single gram of coal left, so I dodged a bullet there.”

Both Kelce brothers played on Christmas Day. Jason Kelce’s Philadelphia Eagles won 33-25 against the New York Giants, while Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs lost 20-14 to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Travis Kelce told his brother and sister-in-law that his Christmas was “the worst.”

“I’ve had better,” he says with a sigh. “But it ended well, with good Christmas spirit and great people.”

The Chiefs tight end spent the holidays with his girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift, and her family. Elsewhere in the podcast, he revealed that Swift’s brother, Austin Swift, wore full Santa Claus attire for both the game and the holiday party.

Taylor Swift (Charlie Riedel/AP)

Taylor Swift (Charlie Riedel/AP)

“He actually made me feel like a kid because his gift to me came right out of the bag,” Travis Kelce said. “And gave me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time: ‘Little Giants’.”

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