Home World Air Canada is removing passengers after they refuse to sit on seats covered in vomit

Air Canada is removing passengers after they refuse to sit on seats covered in vomit

Air Canada is removing passengers after they refuse to sit on seats covered in vomit

Two passengers have been thrown off an Air Canada flight after refusing to sit on soiled seats due to vomit, according to a witness and local media.

Susan Benson, who was seated in the row behind passengers on the Aug. 26 flight from Las Vegas to Montreal, shared the incident in a Facebook post that two women and a man were struggling to get seated due to a “stench.” “

I got over the situation about the two women Benson said they were married to. Benson said flight attendants and pilots told the women that someone had vomited in that area on a previous flight and that the remnants stayed on the seat all night.

Benson said that the crew tried to go through a quick cleaning process before boarding the passengers, but they were unable to do a thorough washing process, and she remembered that there was leftover vomit and an unpleasant smell strong enough to smell. Cabin crew used coffee grounds in the seat bag and sprayed perfume to mask the smell, but Benson said “visibly upset” passengers signaled to the flight attendant that the seat and seatbelt were wet.

“They definitely tried to clean it up,” Benson told The Washington Post.

Benson said the flight attendant repeatedly told them there was nothing they could do because the flight was full, and after several minutes of arguing, passengers were given blankets and wet wipes. They tried to clean the area themselves, but the seats were still wet.

Benson pointed to the women They said they did not want to sit on a wet seat for the duration of the 4-hour, 25-minute flight.

However, as they sat down, the pilot arrived to tell the women that they had been rude to the flight attendant and that they must leave the plane on their own, and pay for their new flights, “or they will be escorted off the plane by security”. and put him on the no-fly list.”

Benson said there was no screaming and the incident was barely audible to those who were not close to the parties involved. The passenger in the same row, who said he was a police officer, was helping to translate French for the flight crew, because the women did not speak the language.

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Eventually, security came down the aisle and escorted the two women out of the plane.

Air Canada said in a statement that its operating procedures were not being followed properly and that it was still reviewing the matter on an internal basis.

“We are reviewing this serious matter internally and have followed up with customers directly where our operating procedures were not followed correctly in this instance. This includes apologizing to these customers, as they clearly did not receive the level of care they deserved and addressing their concerns,” the airline said in a statement. We are in contact with them about this matter.

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Benson said she detailed the incident in a survey conducted by Air Canada, but has not heard from the airline itself.

The two passengers have not been identified, and it is not clear if they have been placed on the airline’s no-fly list or have been refunded.

Passengers have noted that airlines have struggled with hygiene amidst a labor shortage and pandemic clean-up measures. With fewer cleaning staff and more demanding flights, crews sometimes have just a few minutes to clean up before the next flight after disembarking passengers. CNN reported that a passenger found a blood-soaked floor in July and a recent Delta Air Lines flight returned to Atlanta due to “diarrhea all the way through the plane,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Benson’s original post has been shared several thousand times on Facebook and X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. She also wrote a separate post Monday night saying she “won’t be happy until I know there’s more to it than an apology.”

She said this would not necessarily affect her decision to fly with Air Canada in the future, as she lives in a remote area and the air carrier is one of the few, if any, travel options. But she was upset about the accident at first, and the need to share the woman’s story and deal with her appropriately.

“I can’t necessarily blame an entire industry for the way a particular crew handled the situation,” Benson said.

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