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100-year-old time capsule found in Michigan home

A repair project at Michigan resident Jesse Leitch’s home led to the discovery of a time capsule dating back to 1915.

When a boil water notice in Grand Rapids caused a Leitch’s heater to break down a few weeks ago, the owner was forced to hire repairmen to fix the problem. However, as repairmen began working on his pipes and heating, they began drilling into the bathroom ceiling to uncover a hidden 100-year-old time capsule.

“Basically, when they were cutting out the ceiling above the bathroom, it wasn’t in a box, it was just all this stuff in a pile,” Leitch told ABC News. “I just thought it was really cool. Because, you know, I always thought about doing stuff like that, you know, if we renovate the place, leave something on the wall for the next guy. And so I just thought that was extremely cool.

Leitch marveled at the discovery and said, “I knew this place was built in 1910. So it’s just a really old building and it made me think, you know, obviously, a child living here thought this thing was important to stay here for a bit for the next guy.

Jesse Leitch said he plans to preserve and use the artifacts found

According to the owner, 12 items were found in the time capsule, including a handwritten note with a drawing, a small cast iron skillet, a small percussion instrument, a marble, some dominoes, a photo of Jesus as well as newspaper clippings . from 1915.

One of his daughters marveled at the fact that these artifacts had stood the test of time. She said: “I think it’s really cool that all of this survived because of the workers, and that we had a group of mice who would absolutely want access to all of this diary.”

Leitch said he plans to preserve and use the artifacts found.

“With a cast iron skillet, I think we want to clean the rust off of it and try to cook very small foods with it and see how it works. Cook on a tea light,” he said. “I make music, kind of alone, most of the time, but I kind of want to record them and see if I can make something interesting out of them.”

He pointed out that this isn’t the first time he’s come across hidden bathroom treasures, saying it’s not uncommon for Grand Rapids residents to find old artifacts in their homes. Not only that, but the city is also home to the Apollo command modulewhich serves as a giant time capsule for the city.

The memorabilia reportedly includes journals, photos, letters, a pacemaker, a skateboard and furniture made in Grand Rapids. The items were collected by local high school students around the time of the city’s sesquicentennial and the nation’s bicentennial, to capture life at the time. The giant time capsule will be opened in 2076.



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